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the welcome party experience

Ever wondered what HDB’s Welcome Parties are like? Hear about them from Mr Andrew Tung and his family, residents of the newly completed Senja Gateway Built-To-Order project.

On a bright Saturday morning, Mr Andrew Tung, 36, his wife Mrs Ada Tung, 35, and their four-month-old baby, Angel, arrived at the Precinct Pavilion below their HDB block to bustling festivities. It was the day of the Welcome Party for the residents of Senja Gateway (Blocks 634A-B and 635A-B Senja Rd) in Bukit Panjang.

The family of three headed to the registration booth and were greeted with cheerful smiles. Goodie bags in hand, they ventured to the first booth where they solved a cube puzzle of neighbourliness messages, and were presented with a handy carrier folder. As the crowd streamed in, the couple continued exploring other stations – a “Spin the Wheel” game to raise awareness of domestic violence, as well as a dengue prevention counter that highlighted tips on doing the “Mozzie Wipeout”.

The snapshot Mr Tung voted for
Credit: Photo by Cedryck Khoo, Resident

Faced with a pleasurable dilemma over the nominees for the “My Beautiful Senja Gateway Photo Contest”, Mr Tung eventually voted for a snapshot that features a bird’s-eye view of the residential area. “I chose this photo because it showcases the outstanding landscape and architectural design of our neighbourhood. If I were to rate it, this estate deserves 9.5 out of 10,” he says with pride.

We have a good environment for kids to grow up in. The air quality here is great, thanks to the greenery.

While Mrs Tung enjoyed a sweet treat at the popcorn stand, Mr Tung mingled with the other residents. Speaking of his neighbours, the amiable man recalled how he had visited several units for inspiration on interior design when he first received the keys to his new home. Mr Tung was particularly moved by the warm welcome extended by his neighbours. He also shared how a kind neighbour once helped to safeguard his keys when he absentmindedly left them in the front door.

At the Welcome Party, there were many young families like Mr Tung’s. Although Angel is too small to participate in the children’s games, Mr Tung found it delightful to see the bright smiles on the faces of the little ones as they had a ball of a time interacting with the balloon sculpting artist and took part in various games. “We have a good environment for kids to grow up in. The air quality here is great, thanks to the greenery. And there is a childcare centre conveniently located at the block opposite ours!” says Mr Tung.

Entertaining stage performances, a hearty buffet spread and a guest appearance by Mr Liang Eng Hwa, Grassroots Adviser and MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, wrapped up the fulfilling morning.

Summing up, Mr Tung says: “The Welcome Party offers residents a nice opportunity to meet our neighbours, grassroots leaders and Town Council staff. It is especially beneficial for people who have just shifted to a new housing estate. Besides the engaging activities, we also get to learn about neighbourliness, and the ways to keep our homes clean and safe.”